January 2014

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15th January 2014 | by COD Team


The Administration Cycle of Development is available now.


Some of the most experienced administrators working in sales companies across the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands & Belgium have combined their efforts to rebrand, rework and re launch the 'Administration Modules' of the COD.

As with many roles the structure and ethos behind the COD can be applied to lots of different professions and businesses and is a natural fit with the administration work carried out at different levels in the direct sales industry.

The Cycle of development website is delighted to have the latest and most up to date 'Admin COD's' available in the library. We also look forward to many contributions from people working in these roles to 'share knowledge' in the Articles section of the Administration stage.

You can download now:

  • Expectations

  • Understanding the Industry

  • Personal Development

  • Legalities

  • Basic Administration

  • Basic Recruitment

  • Basic Finance

  • Advanced Administration

  • Advanced Recruitment

  • Advanced Finance

  • Managing an Expense Account

  • New Marketing Company Set Up

  • Recruiting & Coaching an Administrator

  • Managing an Administration Team

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"These should be "clickable""
07:06 PM 15th January 2014
"Everybody at Montana is very excited about implementing the administration cycle of development. Looks great well done everyone involved."
07:06 PM 15th January 2014
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