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5th November 2014 | by COD Team


Gain a competitive advantage with The Cycle of Development.

COD is a brand of excellence in direct sales, get ahead of the competition and apply for your certificates now.

Members can apply directly to the COD team. Globally, there are more than 90 million independent sales people who sell nearly $154 billion of goods and services annually. In the United States alone, approximately 16 million people are involved in direct selling, accounting for almost $30 billion in annual sales. With these trends in mind the COD wants to recognise and award achievement and development at all levels of the programme.

You can apply to the COD team directly for Stages 1 and 2. For any other stages we will also need confirmation from an appropriate person who can confirm you have completed the stage fully, be it a managing director you work with or a business owner or mentor who is guiding you through your stages.

The COD is a brand of excellence in direct sales, so confirmation will be needed not only your personal development but also your sales rates and other relevant KPIs.

Direct selling attracts investors from around the world, such as Warren Buffet, Carl Icahn and many others. Direct sellers have worked hard to build consumer confidence in the industry’s self-regulatory environment. It is this and other improvements that have led to the industry’s increasing popularity and growing profits and as a result an extremely competitive working arena.

Good luck and we hope to be issuing lots of COD Certificates of success!!

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