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27th March 2015 | by COD Team


Check out the new video recommendations for stages 1, 2, 3, 3plus and 4 in the library on the Cycle of Development website now!

Stage 1:

Comfort Zones

 By Sid Jain

Sid shares his personal experience from his early days in sales and how he pushed himself to improve every day.

Stage 2:

Working Different Territories

By Claire Pugh

One of the newest contributors to the Cycle of Development, Claire shares some of her top tips and gives really practical advice on how to get the best result from the environment you are working in.

Stage 3:

1st Day Coaching

Dasty Hussain

Dasty keeps it short and simple and shares a really easy to follow 1st day plan for anyone new to coaching.

Stage 3Plus:

Triangle Training

By Mars Cowley Smyth

Mars explains not only why to become proficient in this area but also how to use triangle training every day. This is a not to be missed video for anyone coaching 2 or more people.

Stage 4:

When to Praise

By Sharon Mc Caffrey

Sharon, one of the CODs most watched contributors’ gives invaluable advice on the right conversations to have with the right people at the right time and also what you should expect from yourself in this area.

Happy viewing and many thanks to all our recommended contributors!

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