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19th November 2013 | by COD Team


COD launched in Dubai!

At the Dubai annual conference, a gathering of like minded sales and marketing senior business leaders from accross Europe and Asia, held at the spectacular Grosvenor House Hotel was for many of the delegates thier first glimpse at

Contributors Mars Cowley & James O'Grady showed the detlegates around the site highlighting the features & benifits for thier bussiness and the sales people they work along side.  The newly designed stages, videos, articles & blogs. They also took the oportunity to share ideas about the impending version 2 and the social side of the site that is being developed.

Needless to say the overall response from all the delegates was one of excitement and everyone is very keen to add thier name to the contributrs already involved!

The COD team would like to thank all the delegates for all your great feedback and such a warm memorable welcome. 

Please feel free to email the team with any ideas and suggestions on 

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