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1st September 2015 | by COD Team


In one of the most read articles on Stage 3 of the COD library Lawrence Lenzi gives his top points on how to explain direct sales to new recruits.

Explanation of the Direct Sales Industry

By Lawrence Lenzi


• Educate people on how to get excited about direct sales

• Are you avoiding the words “direct sales”, “D2D”? – be very proud of the fact you’re in direct sales and never embarrassed about doing and being in this industry.

Explain how much money they generate for the Client – 1 million charity donors in the UK since 2008 = �300 million in donations (�10.00 donation – average 3 years)

Explaining Direct Sales & Promotions vs. Advertising and Retail Sales 3,000 Advertising messages per day 5 Sensory Receptors Free ‘Human Commercials’ and cost effective way of acquiring a new customer.

Educate people on how to have fun:

• Enjoy the journey – having fun – this is why you started in the first place, don’t forget that

• What we do for living is simple – sometimes people tend to overcomplicate it

There are not many businesses that encourage you to have fun whilst working! (one’s that do Google, Facebook, Apple

Educate On Why Marketing Companies Profit Margins Are So High

• No cost of sale

• Non retail rent and rates (shared locations) Minimal staff wages

Educate people on Law of Averages:

• Not to takes things personally

• Help people to understand what they’re doing every day, prepare people for the field and that customers will say NO

Educate people how to understand sales averages for FR and Managing Director:

• Explain to FRs your working with why MDs are pushing for a higher piece average

Educate people on the relationships between sales and recruitment:

• Direct relationship between sales and growth – the more sales you do the faster you’ll grow

• Having high standards – there is no point in recruiting if you don’t have high standards in the office, people who are making enough money and setting great examples are the ones who grow.

Educate people how to have a High Roller’s mentality in terms of:

• Sense of urgency Work ethic

• Explanation of the Direct Sales Industry

• Prime time

• Running impacts with High Roller vs. Low Roller

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