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17th January 2014 | by COD Team


November 2013 saw the launch of The Future Female Business Leaders Club, designed to bring together some of the most successful females in the direct sales industry and to provide rising stars with the opportunity to hear and gain knowledge from them.

Milena Skowronek has introduced and organised calls with special guest speakers covering a diverse series of topics based on the Cycle of Development. After starting with a small group of people in Leicester members of the club have grown consistently. The Future Female Business Leaders Club now has members in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bournemouth, Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, Newport, Norwich, Plymouth and Sheffield; amazing considering its only just getting started.

2013 saw numerous women achieving amazing levels of success in the direct sales industry, the goal was to use this momentum accompanied by the skill, knowledge and experience of other successful women and figure heads within the industry to support and facilitate even more achievements by women.

The club has been launched with a series of weekly calls led by speakers experienced in the use and implementation of the Cycle of Development. All the members would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people for sharing their knowledge so far;

  • Nicola Murphy - Using your strengths and personality in business

  • Mars Cowley - Removing emotions from business and having a balance between your personal and business life

  • Lauren O'Brien - How to become great at coaching people

  • Emma Doherty - Understanding your opportunity and taking full advantage of it

  • Simon Murphy - How to plan for 2014, how to stick to your plan and how to make it your year

  • Irram Kaleem - Following your plan to achieve your objective

  • Nick O'Mahony - How to be a great leader and coach great leaders

The calls have been amazing and the feedback from participants has been phenomenal, we look forward to more great calls as well as building on the concept by introducing get togethers, meetings and activity days.

Milena would like to take this opportunity to highlight that The Future Female Business Leaders Club has been an instrumental tool in her development. It has provided her with the opportunity to network and build relationships with other successful and like-minded women within the industry that are working hard each day towards common goals.

Again a huge thank you to everyone involved in the early success of this club.
If you would like further details or information of how to get involved please contact Milena Skowronek via email milena@montana-marketing.com

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