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8th November 2013 | by COD Team


I got introduced to the cycle of development about four years ago. I was really impressed when I saw it, as I finally saw a system that I could progress through at my own rate. So many development programs have time periods attached, but not this. I didn’t have to wait a year to move onto the next stage, like maybe in college or other systems.

The cycle of development initially helped me learn the basics of direct sales and interacting with customers. It allowed me to become a strong independent leader who was copy-able. Then from COD 3 onwards it taught me how to pass on those skills to others. This set the foundation and skill set that would allow me to progress through the program, and within a little over a year open my own company.  Today, a little over four years on, at just 27 years of age my business turns over €2 million in sales a year. I couldn’t have done it without the skills I learnt through the cycle of development.

As time passes in your career you can sometimes forget to keep developing or not know what to learn. That’s where the COD really is at its best. There is always another level or a different section that you can improve on. Also the fact that its used all over the world, there is always someone that can teach you a section in a different way, or has adopted it in a new way to suit their business.

I would recommend anyone to use the COD, as whatever your ambitions or goals, I guarantee it will help you get there quicker. The amazing new COD layouts make that even easier. They go brilliantly with the new website, which itself is going to make new content even more accessible, that’s a benefit to everyone using the system worldwide.

Remember you don’t know what you don’t know,





By: Managing Director of Intense Marketing, Stephen Shortt 




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