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11th November 2015 | by Nicola Murphy


If you want to build a really big organisation within the direct sales industry a really smart thing to do is to become an expert in personal recruitment.

Being confident driving and promoting a PRing culture throughout your business means you can replace yourself with a limitless number of recruiters. By encouraging so many people in your business to grow their own business will ultimately expand the size of your organisation. You are recruiting sales people who are also great recruiters which is a really smart way to build your organisation quickly with strong independent sales people.

There’s a couple of critical things that we know from learning from high rollers around the world about how we should look at personal recruiting, and how you should promote it and develop it. The number one thing is how you talk about it. Traditionally when we speak to people in the industry we speak about the size of a team or the level people are at, we ask "how many personal recruits do you have?"  What we should be asking is:

What percentage of your business are personal recruits?

that’s the critical KPI.

The second thing is when we recruit following the traditional form, placing adverts and having people come in for 1st and 2nd appointments why not start talking about PRing from day 1? What we have a habit of doing is to almost create the problem by not encouraging people to be thinking about personal recruiting from the begining. We explain how someone can totally avail of the opportunity in the business, to become really good and consistent in sales and then get involved with coaching people and ultimately develop a group of sales people.

What we are actually saying to people is to wait and we will provide you with people to coach and to build your business with. But actually if you twist it on itself and from the very start of the recruitment process letting people know that they can start to build their sales business straight away.

“You don’t have to wait for anyone. You can find the right people for you.”

Now you have developed a really good culture starting right from day 1 and opened the doors to limitless recruitment because people are aware that they can recruit for themselves straight away.

The third thing is to make sure to incentivise PRing. We pay for sales so if that’s all we are paying and recognising people for then that is all people will do. If you incentivise people to recruit they can do both and have a second income stream.

There are lots of different incentives you can do from a bonus on vetting to staggered payments to leadership, so find what works for your business. Just make sure its worth peoples effort. It’s a great way to help people focus on building both areas of their business, sales and recruitment.

Finally as the Managing Director of the company you want to set the pace. Go out and coach and show people how to recruit. Talk about and give recognition for PRing constantly. Track the process properly so you know who is performing and who are the best examples.

The more you talk about it in your business everyday the more effective and cultural it will become. Ambitious people will see the potential in building their business through PRing. The optimum level is 40% of your business to be personal recruits. Then it will become self-generating and your business will flourish and grow quickly.

Good luck!

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