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5th February 2015 | by COD Team


Sids excellent video is in the Stage 3+ Library.

Full of tips and advice on how to have a great sector

Relate your sector to a sport reference, perhaps a football match. You wouldn’t play a full match for 90 minutes, you have to have a break to assess your situation.

Its about having the right habits, having a goal for your sector.  Your sector break should happen at 4.45pm, decide on a café to meet in and expect everyone to be there then. 

Have a catch up, talking sales and challenges. Does anyone have any positive stories to share? · Relax and have some food and a drink.

Talk about your game plan for the remainder of your day and how to work in the terriorty you are in.  Cover the objectives which are suitable for your territory. Reaccess your situation.

You are more likely to hit your goal if you take a sector break. 

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