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13th January 2014 | by COD Team


On Saturday the 11th of January the Ak Organisation, Clover Advertising and Montana Marketing ran their first combined meeting for Q1 with most of the days topics based around the Cycle of Development, the response from everyone in attendance was phenomenal. Where everyone was given the opportunity to participate in role playing style workshops that were specifically set up to inform the attendees on stages 1 to 5 of the Cycle of Development

The workshops started with Lewis Watkins, Assistant Owner Partner of Clover Advertising, delivering a step by step guide of how to go through stage 1 of the Cycle of Development over an initial 6 day period.

This topic was followed by Milena Skowronek , Owner Partner with the Montana Organisation, delivering a Stage 2 role play with Nicole de Olivera and Jack Young, about how to run expectations of Stage 2 with simple and effective tips for Leaders to coach somebody into leadership themselves by implementing the modules allocated to cycle of development stage 2.

The third topic of the day was an opportunity for the attendees to here from Appco New M.C. of the year award winner Nick O' Mahony, MD of Benchmark Advertising, adopting the role-play scenario with contractors of Benchmark Advertising. Covering areas from how to set up a new leader through to building the skills to developing your own leaders while really educating the attendees on what a leader really is. Nick covered both stage 3 and 3+.

The Cycle of Development topics were wrapped up by Antonio Otero covering both stage 4 and 5. This was an opportunity for the attendees to hear how he coaches someone through the final stages to run their own business as well as expectations for new owners.

The 300 delegates in attendance were finally treated to an amazing topic on Mentality Towards Sales by Managing Director of the Eagle Organisation, Maz El Ghundi, not only was the topic highly informative but also massively entertaining culminating with a standing ovation for the final speaker of the day.

Antonio, Andy and Gareth would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers and most importantly all the delegates in attendance that contributed to making this not only a very educational day but also enjoyable day due to the energy levels, questions and ongoing participation of those in attendance.

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"Great concept of linking Q1 Launch with a COD workshops.
Remember tht"
04:19 PM 13th January 2014
"What a great meeting!!!
Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for making it educational and enjoyable.
Bring it on 2014! "
04:19 PM 13th January 2014
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