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3rd September 2014 | by COD Team


The COD is going mobile and you can apply to be part of the BETA test team now.

The COD app launch is almost here and we want to get your feedback on the very first version. Not only will this revolutionary app give you access to the hundreds of coaching videos and articles, it will also give you instant access to the entire COD community. has become an unparalleled online sales tool in the first year and this addition of a mobile app will make it even more accessible to all our users, wherever, whenever.

With interactive checklists, stage quizzes, easy to access content and chat functions version 1 will truly put the power of the COD at your fingertips.

Don't miss your chance to apply for this opportunity, contact today with your name, number, location and you could be part of the team.

You must have an Apple iPhone and be a member of the COD, paid or free user. Android tests are due to begin at the end of September.

The COD Team

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