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15th December 2013 | by COD Team


Replacing yourself

Why has this become so successful and attractive to so many successful people?

Because you can progress when you want.

Earn what you want and not have to wait in a queue

Help people and you can become successful too



If you don't believe in the system of multiplication then you aren't as likely to participate in it.

You must recognize that multiplication is a part of building a team.

Growth will be greatly impacted by the numbers of leaders you develop.


Be Intentional.

You must be intentional about finding your replacement and put energy into leadership development.

Replacing yourself must become a part of your overall leadership strategy.


Start Early.

A new leader needs time to prepare. You need to get started early in your leadership role looking for people who might be able to take your place.

Invest in your own personal growth.

You can't take people where you haven't been or aren't going.

The only sure way to lead people successfully is to by heading there yourself.

Be a Leader worth following


Be Humble

People appreciate honesty, so don't be afraid to allow your weaknesses, failures and shortcomings

Don't be threatened by others. They will bring different styles; maybe even be better than you at some things.

Share responsibilities early

The quickest way to learn something is to do it.

Allow people a chance to grow under your leadership.

Give them a chance to lead.


Identify potential.

Look for leadership qualities in people that match the character of your team

Work ethic

Not a complainer.

Teachable and open to suggestions.

Demonstrates the potential to lead through an excellence in following.


Interest (in the system, the team, people in the organization)



Positive attitude


People skills



Create an environment conducive to produce leaders.

Leaders don't develop well under a dictatorship.

If people are afraid to have an answer in your organization for fear of being "wrong" they are less likely to try to have an answer. Give people an opportunity to rise and fall.

Leadership is less about managing people and more about enabling them.



Don't wait or rely on others.

The best people are often personally recruited.

Lead to change your and your peoples lives

Some people will reach their highest potential when they are leading others.

Think about the opportunity you are passing on to people you recruit and coach to leadership.


In Summary

Understand it

Work with people you can replace yourself with and people that you can trust

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