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27th January 2014 | by COD Team


Top Tips for making your Video


Place your phone in a tripod or propped against books or other objects. Make sure to have the camera on the phone set to face you, so that you can shoot and watch yourself on the screen at the same time. Whenever possible, position your camera on a stable surface rather than having someone holding it while recording you.

Shoot Close

Just as with photography, you should typically shoot close on your subject. The screen should be with the main subject being shot. The more background distractions you have in your shots, the less appealing it will be. So 'head and shoulder' works best.


Quiet the space. Close all windows and doors. Turn off any fans, heaters or other noises in the room. Shoot a 5 second test before you begin shooting the video. Check for lighting (bright enough that you can see yourself but not so bright that you look washed out), sound (loud enough that you can be heard without any background noise of trucks driving by etc), visuals (check your hair etc and make sure to design the shot so that whatever you see in the frame is exactly meant to be there). Remove anything extra or distracting so your viewer can focus on you and your message.


Record in a well-lit area; use extra lighting when shooting indoors if necessary. Usually, the general idea is to make the whole room brighter.

Clear White Background

Find a place in your office that is quiet, well lit and where you feel comfortable. If you have a wall that is white or a solid color that you can stand in front of, this can be the perfect place to deliver your message while looking like you are in a professional studio.


Decide on the message you want to deliver that will help your audience to achieve a desired result quickly, with ease, having more fun or in some way better than before they watched the video. Keep your videos simple and to the point. A simple script is easier to shoot and generally will be easier for an audience to understand your main points.


Practice your content, before you start filming, so you have a clear idea of your message. Then write down the 3 key points of the video on a Post-it note and place the note above the tiny camera lens on your phone. This will help you to remember what you are going to say while also helping you to look in the right place while filming.

Be Comfortable & Have Fun

Whether you are sitting or standing make sure that you are comfortable and in a relaxed position. Deliver your content with a smile, people will always respond to people who are happy and enjoying themselves, so when your recording have some fun and smile allot!

If you would like any further advice or help with making and editing your video material please contact us on: contributors@cycleofdevelopment.com

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