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10th March 2014 | by COD Team


At the amazing 5 star Bahia del Duque Resort in Tenerife, V3 of was launched with the game changers within the COD community from the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland & the UK.

Lauren O'Brien, COD specialist, went through all the new developments including the addition of the '7 Second Vision' the newest concept to be available for everyone to use. 7SVs are a fun & accessible, promotional tool that any member of the COD community can get involved in. Simply make a 7 second video on your smartphone and submit it to

Other updates include:

Separate Libraries: Now all content at each stage is in easy to use separate video and article libraries with a new look and layout. You'll notice that the content is now on separate pages rather than a full list, with iPad and tablet users able to simply slide from one page to the next.

As the site and content grows we want to make it as easy and fun as possible to find what is relevant for you, so the new Search Function makes it easy to select by 'Most Recent', 'Most commented' or 'Highest rated'. You also have the option to search for a term or name so you can have the fastest access to the material you need.

Another new feature is the My Favorites area, you can 'favorite' any article or video and it will be saved in your favorites. Making it easier to go back and relook at content whenever you need to.

You will also notice a new look and feel on the 'About' & 'Home' pages with a new layout for stages & the blog areas. The preview option has been updated to 'Save' or 'Download' so selecting your favorite article to download again becomes easier and quicker.

Your Account page has changed, with more information and an easier action to change and update your user details. To make your journey around the site as seamless as possible which ever stage you are viewing will now highlight in the 'Stage Icon' section.

We hope you enjoy the new updates and look forward to hearing your comments & feedback. Enjoy!!

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