November 2013

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4th November 2013 | by COD Team


I started using the Cycle of Development to assist in building my business many years ago and found it created enormous benefits to my expansion.

I believe it created much more structured learning, giving people a road map to follow day to day to lead them through the path to their goals.

It builds people's confidence by using it as a checklist for the areas they are improving in and learning about day to day/ week to week.

I feel structure makes people feel reassured that you have a business plan in place to assist in their development, and the COD clearly demonstrates this.

For people with no previous experience in your industry, like myself when I started, the COD shows them a clear business plan to follow. This can be used regardless of who their peers, mentors are. Meaning each person is in total control of what they learn and how fast they move forward with their career or business.

It's made my business much more professional and organised in an industry where we can be judged based on some of the unprofessional companies out there. By using the COD it shows people I'm serious and committed to their education and personal development within my company.

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